Martial Arts vs Other Sports

Martial Arts training has so many benefits that can’t be found in other sports. I know what you’re thinking. I love to go to baseball games in the summer too. I have many fond memories of watching football in the fall. Cheering on basketball teams in the winter is entertaining and exciting. But the reality is that other sports just don’t provide the same benefits that taekwondo does. In fact, training in Martial Arts can actually improve performance in other sports! Here is why we think that karate is the best sport out there. 


While other sports have a seasonality to them, that is not the case with Martial Arts. You and your kids can train all year which keeps the consistency going. By training consistently, you are able to improve your skills to an advanced level. You get more out of each session and don’t have to worry about training on your own in the off-season. There is no off-season! Each time of the year brings something special- tournaments, worlds, events, camps, and many more.

Individual and Team Sport:

For most sports, you have to choose whether you want to compete as an individual or as a team. At Venture Martial Arts, you get the experience of doing both. Students work to improve their own skills and advance in rank based on their own achievements. However, students get the chance to be part of the competition team, where they work as a team to win tournaments. They are able to show their own skills and train together towards a common goal. They learn how to work on their own and as a team. They get to bond and make new friends, but also don’t have to rely on other people for their own success.  

Making new friends:

Yes, you get the chance to make new friends in other sports. But the friends made in Martial Arts are different. You see each other so consistently that you form a bond that is unbreakable. While you might play on a different team every year, in karate training you stay at the same place with the same people and grow together. You can meet new people at tournaments that are from other states and countries. It’s different than playing them in a game, you get to spend real time with them and learn more about them. The amount of true friendships made during taekwondo is unlike anything else. 

Life Skills:

Perhaps the most important thing gained from Martial Arts training is the life skills. While other sports may teach certain skills in an indirect way, Venture teaches them day in and out. They are talked about every single day and reinforced in each lesson. Students learn and practice respect, confidence, integrity, attitude, discipline, goals, perseverance, focus, and confidence. They carry those skills into their everyday lives and bring them into their future.

While we think that Martial Arts training is the best sport, don’t take our word for it! Look at our amazing students and classes full of world champions! Give it a shot- you won’t regret it. Try out Venture Martial Arts today!

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