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    Teens & Adult Martial Arts

    Little Dragons

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    Teen & Adult Martial Arts

    Our martial arts program for teens and adults focuses on enhancing physical fitness, self-defense skills, and mental discipline. Participants of all levels will experience a supportive community atmosphere while challenging themselves and developing confidence, respect, and perseverance.

    Little Dragons

    Our program for children ages 5-6 is built to teach students the “Core Four” life skills while fully involving your child in an activity they will love to attend, class after class. Those skills include focus, confidence, self-control and respect.

    Karate Kids

    Our Karate Kids program is made for children ages 7-12 and will give your child an activity they will love to come back to. Our Taekwondo program empowers your child to continuously improve at their own pace.

    Family Classes

    Our program for families is ideal for the whole family and focuses on instilling the idea that good things in life are worth working for. We teach you to set goals to achieve what they want in life.
    The Best Martial Arts In Denver

    The Venture Martial Arts Community

    Being part of an inclusive, uplifting, and supportive community is essential to help your child grow into the best version of themselves. Venture Martial Arts fosters the foundation of important life skills such as confidence, discipline, and respect and builds off those skills to make the leaders of tomorrow.

    Martial Arts classes not only teach self-defense but also impact your life in every positive way. We know that each Black Belt we create gives another person the tools necessary to Venture to a Better Life.

    The Top-Rated Kids Karate In Central Park

    What do people say about us?

    • Martial arts for my 5-year-old has been a fantastic experience. The classes are engaging, promoting discipline and focus while making learning enjoyable. Instructors are patient and create a positive environment, fostering both physical skills and character development. Highly recommended for young ones!

      Naveen Chidiri
    • Venture Martial Arts is incredible. I trained at this school for 13 years, and can say that Venture made me into the person I am. Mr. Martin and his team are fantastic at building both amazing martial artists and people in their classes. I highly recommend this school.

      Gavin Engelstad
    • My son has done a complete 180 since starting the program. We’ve tried other programs and it did not work out! Now, he absolutely loves it. He is learning discipline, self-confidence, stranger danger moves, and most importantly, he is learning about the type of people he should look up to. The instructors are younger which I think makes them more relatable, and they are just fantastic. It’s pretty impressive. Mr. Isaac Martin and the other guys are awesome! We love Venture!

      Lisa Di Nuzzo
    • Building discipline, character and skill takes time. The instructors are patient, encouraging and take the time with each child to give personalized attention. The single best investment I’ve made for awhile!!! These kids are learning about themselves, challenging themselves and building confidence. Keep it up!!

      Sheila Alice




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