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    Karate Classes For Teens & Adults In Stapleton, CO
    Martial Arts Classes For Kids 5-6 Near Central Park
    Taekwondo Classes For Children Ages 7-11 Near Northfield, Colorado
    Family Self-Defense Classes Near Northfield, CO


    The Venture Martial Arts Experience

    Being part of an inclusive, uplifting, and supportive community is essential to help your child grow into the best version of themselves. Venture Martial Arts fosters the foundation of important life skills such as confidence, discipline, and respect and builds off those skills to make the leaders of tomorrow. Martial Arts classes not only teach self-defense but also impact your life in every positive way. We know that each Black Belt we create gives another person the tools necessary to Venture to a Better Life.



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    Benefits of Martial Arts

    While Martial Arts lessons like karate and taekwondo teach the fundamentals of kicking and punching, the benefits of the skills learned through practice are far greater than that piece. From a physical standpoint, Martial Artists gain strength and flexibility through their training. Students learn to improve coordination and reflexes. They become more physically fit throughout their training, improving their cardiovascular health and nervous system function. Their overall health improves.

    Not only are there physical benefits, but mental benefits as well. Students are taught to learn and embrace the nine life skills that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. The life skills are respect, discipline, focus, attitude, perseverance, integrity, confidence, goals, and dedication. How each life skill is taught in class and applied to their lives is described below.


    Students are taught to learn the meaning of respect and how to use it in their daily lives. They are conditioned to say “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” which harbors a sense of respect for their elders and peers. In class when they are given an instruction they do it immediately, which they then respond the same way at home.


    Showing up for lessons consistently builds a sense of discipline in their lives. They progress over time and reap the rewards from their hard work and training. Their discipline builds a sense of accomplishment that they carry over into their everyday lives.


    Students focus on everything that they are doing from memorizing forms to learning a new skill. They pay attention to what the instructor says so that they can learn and excel at martial arts. They carry that focus into listening to their teacher at school and getting better grades.


    Behaving like a black belt is an honorable trait to possess and something that every student learns and strives for. In victory, they are humble, in all things they are fair. Karate provides a positive outlet for emotions as a physical activity that boosts the mood. Their attitude improves every day.


    In a world full of temptations it is important to foster a deep-rooted sense of integrity. Martial Arts students learn to do the right thing even when no one is watching by training on their own and becoming junior instructors to lead others.


    Life is full of obstacles so it is essential to learn to keep moving forward at a young age. Even when there is a failure in life or in classes, whether that is failing a belt testing or losing a sparring match, karate kids persevere and never give up.


    The belief in yourself is the most powerful motivator in the world. Confidence building is found in every single taekwondo class. Even the shyest person will step on the floor and find their voice, learning to lead others and know they can do anything they set their mind to.


    Striving for a black belt is every student’s goal, but it doesn’t end there. From winning in a tournament to breaking a board, students set goals and crush through them (literally). Goal-setting becomes an integral part of life they carry into adulthood and beyond.


    Nothing is accomplished in life without dedication. By fully committing to a goal you work hard to accomplish it. That is learned on day one in Martial Arts training. Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not that had practiced 10,000 kicks, but the man that has practiced one kick 10,000 times”. Dedication to practice is what makes students great.

    How Martial Arts Can Change Your Life

    The journey from a white belt to earning a black belt changes your life. You go from starting something new and knowing nothing, to learning to defend yourself and feel confident in your body. There’s a profound sense of accomplishment from earning something that took blood, sweat, and tears. But it is so worth it. The moment you tie on that black belt for the first time, and others look at you with true respect and admiration, you are part of something bigger. You are part of an elite community of people that leads others to change the world through discipline, focus, and perseverance. You never gave up and will never give up on anything you want out of life.

    How Martial Arts Can Benefit You And Your Famiily

    Located in the heart of the Central Park community, Venture Martial Arts is in a convenient and lively center of the Northfield Mall. With easy access to shopping, food, and the interstate, it is easy to get to and around everything you need.

    Venture Martial Arts is at the heart of the Central Park Community. The students and instructors partake in events to support the community. They work to spread the message and skills learned in classes to create a place of belonging for everyone.

    Family-owned and operated, Venture Martial Arts is the ideal environment for you and your family. Family classes encourage the entire group to learn and grow together. Parents and students become lifelong best friends and support each other through every step of achieving a black belt.

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