Finding Your Why

When starting anything in life, you must ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” It’s a question that will define the reasons behind your motive. The taekwondo journey is no different. When starting Martial Arts Training, or getting your child involved, you probably will ask that question. Going back to the answer to that question is what will keep you going when things get tough. Seeing the impact it has on your or your child’s life will bring you back to your why. Below are some whys that might help you find your answer.


Most parents enroll their children in Martial Arts because they want them to learn self-defense. With popular shows like the Karate Kid, they want their kids to be able to experience the awesomeness that is in karate. You want your child to be able to protect themselves in any situation and have a great time being able to punch and kick stuff (outside of the house). 

There are also parents, however, that want to give their kids the tools to become the best person that they can be. Taekwondo classes instill the nine essential life skills during each session. The nine skills are attitude, respect, discipline, goals, integrity, perseverance, focus, confidence, and dedication. Knowing that your child is learning those values in each and every class brings you peace in the fact that you have found your why and are obtaining it. 


As a child enters their teenage years, life gets more complicated. Their minds and bodies are changing, and they are faced with difficult decisions on a consistent basis. At this time, training respect and discipline becomes essential. We all know that teenagers can have an attitude. By working on the foundations of respect constantly, that carries over into their everyday life. They show more respect to their parents, teachers, and peers. Teens also can be lazy! Training their discipline in taekwondo keeps them motivated to achieve their goals.

There is another side to a teenager why. As they get older they are able to compete on a competitive level. They have something to train for and a sense of accomplishment when they succeed. Many teens say that they are training to become world champions. That is a great way to keep moving forward. In the process, they still train life skills, self-defense, and stay active. 


Adults that join Martial Arts also look for self-defense skills. They want to be able to protect themselves and their families in any situation. However, they also find that it helps them get in better shape and take care of themselves physically. There is a mental health aspect of bonding with other students as well as the empowerment you get from training.

If they have families, they might desire for their family to become closer. Families that train together stay together. The bond formed over going through the journey to a Black Belt is something that can’t be broken. There is nothing that can compare. The entire family gets all of the benefits from training together.

Finding your why will take you through every hard day during your Martial Arts career. It is an essential question to keep you moving forward and realizing why you started in the first place. Find your why with Venture Martial Arts today!

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