Black Belt Camp


Black Belt Camp

Black Belt Camp is this weekend! The camp brings together every Black Belt over the age of 12 in the entire National Martial Arts Alliance organization. It is the opportunity to participate in a giant class with all the best people in the organization. It is the collaboration of the highest skill, dedication, and teaching ability throughout the NMAA. They all bring their own expert knowledge ideas, and drills to share with all the students and instructors. The goal is to better the entire organization and everyone in it.

Each instructor brings their own specialty to camp. The students get the opportunity to learn certain areas of expertise that the instructors bring. They learn more about sparring, certain weapons, forms, instructing, and personal relationships. This is the opportunity to learn new things that they may not be able to learn in their own school. They learn the specialty skills that only someone who is elite in those areas teaches. For example, world champion competitor and head of the organization, Master Horn, teaches sword forms. There are team sparring sessions from some of ht best sparrers in the world. They get the opportunity to learn about the business side of taekwondo from Micah Martin, a multiple school owner (and the owner of Venture Martial Arts)! 

As a bonus, it is the opportunity to bond with schoolmates, people you see in tournaments, and people you’ve never met before. The National Martial Arts Alliance spans across the United States and into South Africa. Students get to train together and bond to make new friendships. The downtime allows them to get to know people that you get to spend a lot of time with, but may not know a lot about. There are people there from all backgrounds and of all ages so it is a truly diverse and immersive experience. 

The students are so engulfed in instruction level and skills that hours seem to fly by. They work hard, sometimes harder than they have ever worked before. But they have so much fun and learn so many new skills and techniques that it seems to go by in the blink of an eye. Students get to sweat, train, and learn together. It is truly the opportunity to level up in your Martial Arts career and become better than you ever have been. Black Belt camp is a truly amazing and motivating experience in itself that it is well worth the trip and investment. It’s worth every second!

Black Belt camp will take place at the YMCA of the Rockies, located in Estes Park, Colorado. It is hosted by the National Martial Arts Alliance, and all Black Belt students above the age of 12 that are part of the organization may participate. Venture Martial Arts and their Black Belts will be participating and showing what they can do. For the first time ever is it sold out, so if you want to participate next year, be sure to mark your calendar!