Competing to a Better Life

Competition is a true test of character. The way you react to winning or losing shows who you are as a person. As part of the National Martial Arts Alliance, Venture Martial Arts and our students compete in regularly scheduled tournaments. While some people cringe at the idea of competing against others, some step up to the challenge and thrive. We recommend that students give it a shot at least once, and here’s why.

Chance to show skills:

You put in the work. You’ve been coming to classes at least twice a week and have been practicing at home. You’ve tested for new ranks and have perfected your skills to the best of your ability. Tournaments are the moment to show off all the work that you have put in and the skills that you have gained. You get to go head to head with other students and decide who is able to perform better. If you are good enough you win, and there is no better feeling than being victorious.

Meeting new people:

At tournaments, students get the opportunity to compete against other Martial Artists. Competitors come from around the state, country, and sometimes the world. Every one arrives with the same goal, to win. But everyone feels nervous and excited too. A bond forms with complete strangers over striving towards the same goal. Sometimes lifelong friendships are formed through the relationships formed at tournaments. Many students will be inspired to go compete at other locations, even in other states since they have formed friendships with the students there. 

Working as a team:

In general, taekwondo is an individual sport. Your success depends on the work you put in, and you don’t rely on anyone else. In tournaments, however, you get the opportunity to work as a team. With team competitions, you train together which leads to succeeding or failing together. You pick each other up, motivate and support each other no matter what. It is the same bonding experience found in team sports, but with the aspect of individual training tied in.  

Something to train for:

If you are a serious competitor, you have one goal- to win. You want to win as many tournaments as possible and hope to become a world champion. In order to do that, you have to train for it. You have to dedicate to spending time training both in and out of class. It gives you a goal to strive for. Once you get there, you put it all out on the line and strive to reach new heights. Seeing what you did right and what you did wrong, and how you can continue to improve makes you a better Martial Artist. 

Competing for a Better Life:

By training to become a better Martial Artist, you also become a better person. Putting in hard work and striving for a goal carries over into your everyday life. You set high expectations for yourself and work hard to achieve them. You learn to overcome failures and obstacles that life throws your way. When you succeed, you are motivated to do more and accomplish even more than you could have ever imagined. Life is full of competition, and by competing in tournaments you learn to navigate that and handle it with grace. 

Venture Martial Arts will be hosting a tournament on April 16th in Arvada, Colorado. Many of our students adopted newfound confidence when entering tournaments. It is a great test of overcoming fear and striving for success, something we teach on a daily basis. For more information about our program, click here.