Life Skills Learned in Martial Arts Part 2

Two weeks ago we posted about the first half of the life skills learned in Martial Arts training. For this piece, we are going to talk about the second half and the importance of learning them. There are nine life skills that are taught every single day, and with practice and repetition of using them during class, they carry them into their own lives.


Students are taught that integrity is doing the right thing, making the right choices, and earning trust through your actions. A very important part of taekwondo is learning and practicing forms. Students are encouraged to practice at home and on their own while in class, and by entrusting them to do so, they are practicing integrity. Once they learn enough and continue to show integrity, they are empowered to become junior instructors. Junior instructors teach integrity to others while practicing it themselves. In their everyday lives, they do not succumb to peer pressure, they study for tests rather than cheat, and they take care of their responsibilities. 


Perhaps the most important life skill, perseverance is never giving up and keep moving forward regardless of obstacles. An important thing to remember is that without failure, there is never success. During karate training, there are always times of failure. Whether you fail belt testing, lose at a tournament, or can’t break through a board, it is important not to give up. By learning perseverance you don’t quit and keep trying until you get it, no matter how long that takes. The same can be applied in life. Whether you fail a test or don’t get something you worked to achieve, you persevere and keep moving forward.


In order to accomplish anything in life, we need to focus on our goals. Let’s talk about forms again. Forms are the pivotal part of taekwondo. It’s how you learn technique and how you advance in rank. Learning and memorizing forms takes focus, something practiced every day. In order to learn everything you need to, you have to focus on what the instructors say. Again, something that is practiced every single day. Students keep their eyes on the prize and concentrate on what they are doing. That focus learned in lessons carries over into focusing during school which results in better grades and more enjoyment of learning. 


We all want to be confident. Confidence empowers up to go after our dreams and accomplish anything. Martial Artists are taught to believe in themselves and have the ability to arise from failure. By accomplishing goals during taekwondo- achieving new belts, winning tournaments, and gaining new skills- students become more confident. When they show up to class consistently, each day they gain more confidence. This shows up in their lives, they believe that they can do anything they set their minds to. They become leaders that inspire others with their confidence.


Last, but definitely not least, dedication. When making a commitment to start Martial Arts training, you dedicate to becoming a Black Belt. It doesn’t stop there. You then dedicate yourself to advancing in degrees and then to becoming a master. The more you show up the better you become. By dedicating to show up to class and doing your best you are on the path to achieving greatness. Once you continue to make those advancements you know you can accomplish anything you dedicate to.

At Venture Martial Arts, these life skills are taught in every single class. They foster a deep understanding and practice of these skills so that they can bring them into their everyday lives. They learn not only to control their bodies but their minds as well. Students that train in taekwondo are more likely to be the leaders of the future and influence a positive outlook on everyone’s lives that they are a part of. By enrolling yourself or your child with Venture, you are choosing the best life for them.