State Tournament

State is this weekend! The State Tournament is a gathering of students to compete for the State Championship title. Throughout the year, students compete in various tournaments throughout the state and earn points based on how they do. When they win a certain event, they earn more points to gain higher ranks among every competitor. They compete in forms, weapons, sparring, XMA, and weapon sparring. The top ten students of each ring earn the chance to compete for State Champion.

This is the opportunity for many students to show off all the hard work they have put in all year. They have dedicated to being a competitor and want to prove that they are the best. The tournament is only open to Colorado schools that are part of the National Martial Arts Alliance. It is truly a small and select group of elite athletes that have earned their way there by competing and winning at other tournaments. 

In addition, it’s also the only chance that color belts get to win a championship title. At worlds, only black belts can compete to win a world championship. But here, color belts get the chance to take a title back to their schools. It’s open to anyone of any rank, from any age. Students just have to earn their way there by training hard, showing up, and competing in other tournaments to win.

If they do win, they earn a uniform with “State Champion” on the back. They win a medal and trophy. They bring back the title to their school and it is forever remembered that their school holds a State Championship title. It’s a moment of pride not only for the student that earns it but also for the parents that have put in their own work driving their child to and from Martial Arts lessons. Their instructor takes pride in the training that they have instilled in the student. The fellow classmates take pride in their friend’s hard work paying off. 

To get ready for the tournament this weekend, Venture Martial Arts has been putting in the extra work every day with champ camp. Now that school is out, students have been coming in during the day to train extra hours to be in top shape for competition. They also come back to regular classes at night to continue training. It is not for the faint of heart, it is for those who are truly dedicated and want to win. That’s the fighting spirit that it takes to bring home a State Championship title.

The State Tournament will be hosted at Venture Martial Arts in Central Park, Colorado. Venture will have several students competing to win a title. Last year they brought home several titles and hope to get even more this year. This is a stepping block to becoming a world champion. That tournament will take place in July.