Focus. Give me all your attention right here, right now. Good. Keep going, don’t let your mind drift away. Put your mind in this moment and don’t let it go. I know it’s not easy. You know what makes it easier, learning focus from a young age and continuing to train that skill every day. That can be done through training at Venture Martial Arts.

Focus is concentrating on what you are doing. It’s not getting distracted and completing the task in front of you. It’s used to keep your eyes on the price to accomplish all your goals. No one should ever tell you what needs to be done because you know what to do. You are focused. Your focus makes you successful.

Martial Arts training can help people of all ages and attention levels learn and improve focus by using the following techniques taught in class:

Learning and memorizing forms:

To learn how to really connect the mind and body, students are taught forms. These are a series of moves in a certain order. They memorize these moves and use them to test for their next color belt. As they advance in rank it gets harder. To keep moving forward it takes a great deal of focus that they practice every time they come to class. 

Memorization learned while practicing forms translates into schoolwork, where they might have to remember equations, dates, spelling, or anything else that requires memorization. By using their body and mind together their focus and attention to detail improves significantly. 

Perfecting techniques:

As students continue to advance in rank, better techniques are required, especially to get a black belt and beyond. By paying attention to specific moves and the detail of each move they improve their focus. As they continue to improve and remember more they don’t need to be told what to do as often because they remember the small details. They are focused in every class.

They notice more in their lives. Their memory improves, they have keen attention to detail. People notice and value their focus. They are an inspiration to others around them.

Paying attention to instructor:

In order to accomplish anything in Martial Arts, they have to listen to what their instructor says. They have to focus on everything they are being told and remember it. By going to class frequently they learn and foster this skill. Eventually, they become so well versed in listening to they become a junior instructor and are able to teach others how to do it too. 

At school, they are focused on what the teacher is saying. They remember more because they are paying specific attention. At home, they listen to exactly what their parents are telling them and they remember what they say. They carry that through the rest of their lives.


Students with focus are able to accomplish all their goals. They decide what they want to accomplish and don’t stop until they compete it because their eyes are on the prize. They get better and better every day. Eventually, they win tournaments and possibly even become world champions. It all starts with focus.

They focus on their goals in their everyday lives. They get good grades, graduate high school, go to college, and have a successful career. Even as times get hard, their focus is unwavering because of the skills they learned during Taekwondo class. 

Are you still with me? Great job, you just practiced using your focus to learn something new. Do you want that focus in every part of your life to connect the mind and body? Do you want your family to have that too? Taekwondo gives the gift of focus to everyone that does it. Don’t lose focus, accomplish all your goals today.