A Disciplined Mind, Body, and Spirit Through Martial Arts


A Disciplined Mind, Body, and Spirit Through Martial Arts

Remember as a kid, getting disciplined meant receiving punishment for something you had done wrong? You were sent to detention, were grounded from seeing your friends, or in gym class had to do 100 pushups. As we get older, we realize that discipline is actually taking control of our thoughts, actions, and how we respond to situations.

It’s all about identifying the right thing to do in any given situation and obeying what is right. At Venture Martial Arts, Taekwondo develops this ideal from a young age and fosters it throughout a lifetime. Something as simple as “standing like a blackbelt” or standing tall and still is an act of discipline. They learn that on their first day of class and it’s consistently reinforced every day.

Students are taught to listen to their instructor without talking back or questioning their lessons. The right thing to do is to listen to your teachers, mentors, and elders, and during class, they learn this on a basic level. Bad behaviors are reined in and transferred into disciplined acts instead. The kids learn to listen to their parents and teachers, follow rules at home and at school, and speak to others with respect. 

Attending class on a regular basis builds up a disciplined exercise and activity schedule which leads to a healthier and happier life. The only way to continue to advance in rank is to show up to class, work as hard as possible, and really absorb the lessons that are taught. Techniques require precision and practice, and by training regularly you build up an abundance of self-discipline. Taking control of your schedule benefits the entire family with stability and consistency. 

Learning discipline teaches you how to control your thoughts and emotions. Having self-control is the ultimate sign of inner strength. People that have self-control are far more successful later in life but are always viewed as the model for how others should behave. By controlling your thoughts and emotions you have a sense of control of the world around you which is essential for happiness through all the chaos. 

Setting goals teaches students to focus their mental and emotional energies on disciplined acts like memorizing forms. By learning the exact way to perform a form they are obeying the rules of martial arts. In addition, following rules in competitions teaches them by obeying what is right, they have a chance to prove themselves and win. This inspires them to lead by example, and become a leader among fellow students. 

As kids grow up and get into the world on their own, self-discipline becomes crucial and much harder to achieve on their own. But by having been taught those values through martial arts, they are better equipped to handle those difficult situations. “The children right now, the young children, everybody should go to a martial arts school. Why? Because as soon as they go to a martial arts school, they learn discipline.” — Jackie Chan.

Here are a few ways that discipline learned in Taekwondo can help you in life:

  • Sets up a consistent workout schedule that helps you stay physically fit and active
  • Makes you more productive and not come up with excuses for completing tasks
  • It keeps you focused on goals even after setbacks
  • You are a more dependable person in relationships, at work, and with school work
  • Allows you to control your actions and think through every situation
  • It will make you more successful later on in life because you will stay motivated and disciplined in every action

We are all capable of taking control of our lives, it just takes a little discipline! Martial arts training can take you to levels you never dreamed of, teaching you to be the master of your mind and body. A disciplined spirit can impact students of any age and abilities. When you’re told to do 100 pushups, you’ll smile and say, “on one hand or two?” To learn more about Venture, click here.