Bruce Lee once said, “A goal is not always meant to be reached, it is often something to aim at.” In order to achieve any sort of success in life, we have to set goals and work to achieve them. But so many people find that they are unable to motivate themselves to set goals, to begin with. Achieving dreams and goals is fantastic, but it’s not always about that. It’s the person we become along the way. 

Venture Martial Arts teaches students that goals are something to strive for, setting high standards, and working hard to follow through on your commitments. Setting and striving to achieve goals are taught and reinforced on a daily basis.

Rank Advancement:

From day one, students strive to achieve their black belt. The only way to do that is through advancing through all the ranks. They set goals to achieve their next belt, and train to get there. At the point when they are ready, they test for their belt. If they are successful, they set a goal to reach the next belt. 

It doesn’t stop at getting a black belt. After that, they can test to get their second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-degree until they achieve the title of being a Master. At each stage, they gain more skills and confidence to continue to move forward.

Improving Technique:

The only way to continue to advance in rank is to get better. This means setting goals to improve along the way. Their technique gets better the harder they work, which improves their strength, flexibility, and skills. Many students find themselves wanting to push their limits and training for elevated and inventive to perform tricks like Bruce Lee. 


Students are encouraged to have a competitive spirit not only in class but also in tournaments where they represent their school. They compete against other martial artists from different cities, states, and all around the world. They set goals to win world championships and be the best in their age group. 

A few elite students have the goal to someday compete in the Olympics. This year the first American woman won the gold medal in Taekwondo at the Toyko Olympics. That could be you or your child. It all starts with setting a goal and training consistently in martial arts. 

Being the best version of yourself:

Maybe competitions aren’t your thing. Maybe you don’t see yourself becoming a Master someday. Taekwondo is inclusive of all goals, including being the best version of yourself. If you goal is to be fitter and healthier, martial arts training is an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health, increase strength, and flexibility. 

Maybe your goal is you want and your family to be able to defend yourselves. Taekwondo teaches real-world self-defense applications for all situations. To know that you or your child can protect themself in today’s world is a top goal on every parent’s list.

Goals after setbacks:

You won’t win every tournament, you won’t break every board. Sometimes you will fail belt testing. But Taekwondo teaches students how to come back after failure or a setback, and set new goals (or not to give up on that goal). Failure is an unavoidable part of life. Students will learn to fail gracefully and have the courage to keep striving for their goals no matter what. They win the next one, break that board, and be successful at the next testing as long as they work for it.

Everyday goals:

By fostering the idea of goal setting in Taekwondo class, students are able to carry that into their everyday lives. They are easily able to set goals for school, work, and personal health and wellness. Most importantly, they know how to take those goals and work to achieve them. Successful people are the biggest dreamers and know there is no limit to what they can achieve. It all starts with setting a goal. 

“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.”— Michael Phelps

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