New Year New You

We all want the best for our lives, but also our kids’ lives! We want them to be healthy, successful, and happy. The best gift you can give yourself and your child is the gift of Martial Arts training. Taekwondo not only keeps students healthy, it also gives them the life skills that they need to succeed in life. Most importantly, it gives them something to work towards and look forward to every day.


Martial Arts on a very basic level is a sport! Students are working out not only their bodies, but also their minds on a daily basis. By exercising consistently, they improve their cardiovascular health, mental health, and increase their strength and flexibility. This sets them up for their entire lives to keep up healthy habits and encourage the rest of their families to do the same!


You may be thinking, my kid is so young, why would I worry about them being successful at this age? The truth is that success can look different for everyone. For kids, success might be getting good grades in school. It might be having the confidence to make new friends or step out of their comfort zone. It might be standing up to the person that has been bullying them. In classes, Venture teaches nine life skills that will help kids throughout their lives become the best versions of themselves. The skills are confidence, discipline, respect, perseverance, attitude, dedication, integrity, goals, and focus.


Taekwondo makes you happy. It’s a proven fact that accomplishing something makes you feel happy. There are so many small victories along the journey to a blackbelt that you can celebrate. Not only are you exercising (which releases endorphins to make you happy) you are also making new friends, earning new belts, becoming more confident, earning medals, and achieving something new every day. It’s our goal to make Venture feel like your home every time you walk through the door. It should be your happy place!
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