Back to School for Martial Arts

Summer is almost over which means that it is back to school time for Venture! While we know that fall is a time for busy schedules, homework, and school activities, the most important thing is that your children get the most out of their education. The good news is that Martial Arts training actually greatly benefits kids during the school year and sets them up for success. Using the nine life skills- focus, perseverance, attitude, dedication, integrity, respect, discipline, goals, and confidence- students are able to get good grades and have a great school year.


During taekwondo classes, students are taught to focus on the details of the techniques that they learn. This directly translates to school, they focus on what the teacher is saying and the details of the content they are learning. By focusing in class they absorb and remember more information which allows them to do better on homework and tests and get better grades.


While practicing karate, students learn to never give up no matter how hard the obstacles they face may be. Whether they are learning a new skill, testing for a new belt, or competing in a tournament, they never give up. In school, they never stop trying even when they are learning difficult material or may fail in a certain area. They never give up and keep working until they achieve success.


Having a good attitude is important in school because it impacts everyone around them. When they are positive in Martial Arts classes, they are positive in school and a joy to be around. They make more friends and teachers enjoy having them in class. The experience of going to school is all around better with a positive attitude from taekwondo training.


Any success in taekwondo requires dedication- showing up to class, practicing at home, and using those life skills outside of training. By learning to stay dedicated to Martial Arts, they are dedicated at school. They do their homework, study for tests, and show up to school with a willingness to learn. They want to achieve success, so they dedicate themselves to it.


Sometimes it’s easier to take the route of least resistance and do the wrong thing. That is unacceptable in karate and the students learn to always do the right thing. In school they don’t take the easy way out by being dishonest, they do the right thing and earn success on their own merit.


Students learn to respect their instructors, their peers, and themselves. This directly is carried over to the school where they respect their teachers, fellow students, and parents. By being respectful to others they gain respect and have more friends and a better school experience.


Parents always want their kids to be the ones that follow the rules and lead their friends to do the right thing. In taekwondo, they stand tall, listen to their instructor, and do what is asked of them immediately. By being disciplined in taekwondo they go into the school year with the same set of values and do what is right in any situation.


Success is built from setting a goal and working to achieve it. Whether it’s earning a Black Belt, winning a World Championship title, or becoming an instructor, it takes hard work to get there. Students set goals in school to get good grades, make new friends, and have a successful year- but they work hard to get there because they have done it before in Martial Arts training. 


Having practiced all of these life skills every single day in their Martial Arts classes, students have the confidence to achieve anything they set their mind to. That means doing well in school, but it’s more than that. They are confident in themselves to be exactly who they are and stand up for themselves against any adversity they may face.
Venture Martial Arts sets up students for success this school year through Martial Arts training. To learn more about our program and to venture to a better life, click here.