Benefits of Martial Arts for Little Dragons

When people think of Martial Arts training, they generally picture kids ages ten to eighteen, when they are likely to start other sports. Venture Martial Arts teaches taekwondo classes starting at age five! You may be wondering, why would I want my five-year-old to learn kicking and punching? The reality is that while that is taught to the little ones, the skills that they gain from Martial Arts are actually excellent in their developmental stages. 

Life Skills:

Little Dragons (students ages five to six) are the youngest group of kids that are trained with Venture. In classes, they learn the nine life skills- discipline, respect, integrity, attitude, goals, dedication, perseverance, confidence, and focus. The practice the meaning of each word and use it in practical application situations. By learning and using these nine basic life skills on a daily basis, they are getting set up for success for the rest of their life.

Physical Development:

At a young age, kids are just learning how their bodies work and how to control them. Taekwondo teaches them how to control their movements in a precise manner that they gain mind-body control. They gain strength and accuracy in their bodies so that as they age they have greater self-control and flexibility. This sets them up to have a healthy and nimble body for the rest of their lives.


Many little ones did not experience much-needed socialization during the COVID-19 pandemic. Often times they are afraid of new people and trying new things. When they come to karate classes, they are surrounded by peers their own age and become new friends. They work in a fun environment with trusted adults to gain the socialization skills they desperately need. 

Stranger Danger:

It is incredibly important that young kids learn what to do in case a stranger approaches them. In taekwondo classes Venture teaches “stranger danger” where they learn the skills to get away from anyone approaching them that they don’t know. This allows the kids and their parents to feel safe about their children living their lives. 

Starting Martial Arts training at a young age is one of the best things you can do for your child to set them up for a successful life! Whether it’s life skills, physical development, socialization, or stranger danger, they will learn everything they need to know in the early stages of their life. To learn more about our programs, click here.