Venture Central Park’s Success as a School

In case you missed it, Venture Martial Arts competed in the World Championship tournament this past weekend. Thirteen of the students were crowned World Champions this year, making it the best year ever as a team. Many individuals won multiple World Titles in different divisions including sparring, weapons, weapons sparring, and extreme events.

While the success of the students is absolutely fantastic, Venture also won several awards as a school which shows just how incredible the community is. The awards are voted on by members of the National Martial Arts Alliance. The head instructor at Venture, Isaac Martin, won Instructor of the Year. This award is earned because he produced more young quality leaders than anyone in the NMAA. As a World Champion himself, not only has he worked to create some of the best Martial Artists in the world but he also proves what he teaches works. 

Audrey Keeley won Trainee Instructor of the Year. As a junior instructor, she helps train students alongside Isaac and the Venture team. Audrey was awarded this honor because she is a unique and gifted instructor. She stood out as a coach and Martial Arts at every event in the NMAA this year. She is constantly supporting and inspiring Martial Artists of all ages and proves that you are never too young to make an impact.

Venture at Central Park won the Community Impact award. Anyone that is a part of Venture knows the huge role that they play in the community- always giving back and attending community events. This award is based on how much Venture they impact the community through Taekwondo. With over 400 students that attend the school their reach is massive. Each student brings the life skills they learn back into their everyday lives and pass along that knowledge to everyone they meet. The impact of taekwondo in Central Park is truly incredible. 

The Central Park school also won the School of the Year award. This award is based on growth, size, event participation, support of the NMAA, and quality of the program. Not only are they the largest school in the NMAA, but they also grew the most this year as well. They attend all events with the most students and play a large role in helping to grow the NMAA organization. The quality of their program can be seen in their students, not only in the positive attitudes of each person but also in the World Champion titles won by the school.
Venture Martial Arts is incredibly proud of all of the achievements earned at the World Championship tournament. They work hard every single day to make their students the best people they can be, as well as the best athletes possible. Venture loves the Central Park community and is so proud to be making an impact on all those it connects with. Venture has proven that they are a top-tier Martial Arts experience.