World Championships

This week is the World Championship Tournament! All year students have been training and competing in other tournaments for this opportunity. They will be competing to win a World Championship title. It is an incredible moment for them to show off all of their hard work and earn saying that they are the best competitor in the world.

Students from all over the United States and even across the world will come together to partake in the tournament. It is put on by the National Martial Arts Alliance, an organization that Venture Martial Arts is proud to be a part of. All of the Martial Artists competing are part of the NMAA team, and have competed in their other tournaments throughout the year to earn the opportunity to compete. 

In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions, you have to be top ten in your ring. That means that throughout the year, you have to be the best competitor in certain events. The best of the best will be fighting to earn their titles. In order to partake in this elite event, you must be a Black Belt. 

Worlds is more than just an average tournament. Events start on Wednesday and Thursday with training and seminars. Students and instructors get the chance to learn about various aspects of taekwondo that they may not get to on an ordinary basis. That includes Elevated Training, weapon training, judging and coaching seminar, School Owner Training, and Master’s training. 

Also on Thursday, Black Belts are able to midterm or test for a new rank. They will showcase their forms, weapons forms, sparring, and board breaks to see if they are ready to advance in rank. Some of them have practiced for years to get to this moment of testing. 

Friday is the Tournament of Champions. Here is the moment that they get to compete to become World Champion. They are judged based on their skills and performance for forms, weapons, sparring, weapons sparring, and XMA. If they win, they are awarded a medal for first, second, or third place. The first place winners are World Champions, and they receive a real sword at the award gala on Friday night.

Saturday begins the next year’s tournaments. All students are able to compete in this tournament and work to earn points to make it to worlds next year. All events will take place at the Colorado Convention Center. Venture has several students competing this year and some of those are working to defend their title that they won last year. It is bound to be an amazing event!