Team Sparring

Over the weekend, Venture Martial Arts hosted tryouts for members of team sparring. Martial Artists from all over Colorado that are a part of the National Martial Arts Alliance got the opportunity to earn a spot on the team. It is composed of elite athletes that are the best of the best sparrers in the state. 

Team sparring is a new event in the NMAA. Students from around the state get the opportunity to come together and compete as a team at tournaments. They join together from different studios and bring a set of skills to make the team the best it can be. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and learn from new people and collaborate to become one team. They compete against other taekwondo schools from around the country that attend tournaments. 

At tournaments they will have three, 90 second matches and each person takes one match. They earn points during their match and their points carry over to the next match. Whoever has the most points at the end of the third match wins the team sparring competition. Each team has five members consisting of three males and two females. They take turns during competitions. 

Being a part of the sparring team is an elite honor that not many people can be a part of. It consists of the best sparrers that compete. They are State and World Champion Black Belts that have a dedication and passion for not only taekwondo, but also sparring. It is a high honor to be invited as a member of the team.

Sparring is often students’ favorite part of karate training. It is certainly one of the most useful skills to use in the real world. If you are attacked, nothing will help you more than your knowledge of sparring. It is also a great workout, tons of fun, and a fast-paced test of all of your skills. Having a team adds an additional layer to sparring because you are relying on your team as much as yourself to win. That means everyone needs to work hard and contribute equally.
Team sparrers will train and Venture Martial Arts in Central Park. We are excited to see the skills and abilities that the team brings to NMAA tournaments. To learn more about Venture’s program, click here.

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