Overcoming Doubts

It is completely normal to feel discouraged along your Martial Arts journey. Having doubts is a normal part of life, it’s part of the human experience. In Taekwondo, we believe that the best way to overcome feeling discouraged is to encourage others. Venture Martial Arts does this not only through training with a community of incredible people, but also empowering students to become leaders.

Leadership in class:

By becoming a leader in class, students encourage and teach others what they know. They may be doubting their skills or lacking confidence in their daily lives, but by being a leader in classes they teach others what they know. They motivate and empower students to show up as their best selves and to give 100% no matter what. By teaching these traits and encouraging others, their own doubts start to fade when they realize how incredible they are too.

Leadership in community:

One of the main places people say that they lack confidence is in school. Bullies exist and seem to be on a mission to put others down. That makes them self conscious if they don’t change their mindset. Taekwondo teaches students to have confidence and stand up to bullies, encouraging people to realize their potential. Standing up for yourself or others helps students overcome doubts by instilling confidence in themselves for exactly who they are. People rarely doubt a Martial Artist!

Leadership in family:

Doubts tend to creep in when comparison takes hold in students’ lives. Whether comparing to a family member, friend, fellow student, colleague, etc, comparing only leads to doubting. Taekwondo teaches students to find the best part of themselves and bring it to every part of their lives. They become leaders in their family and share it with those that they love. They encourage everyone in their lives to believe in themselves, overcoming any doubts and fears.

Venture Martial Arts strives to make the leaders of the future through Martial Arts training. We believe that we can make the world a better place by teaching the nine life skills and values to always encourage others. To learn more about our program, click here.

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