Taekwondo Improves Kids Self Discipline

Life for kids can be especially challenging in the world we live in today. They are inundated with endless activities and technology. They can face challenges and hardships at school including bullying, peer pressure, and violence. Taekwondo teaches kids to defend themselves, but more importantly, it teaches them to have self-discipline. At Venture Martial Arts we teach students to reach their peak physical performance, take control of their mental health, and become better people. All of that is through self-discipline.


Students are taught to set goals and work hard to achieve them. By showing up and training for a specific goal in every class, they learn that they can achieve those goals. They strive to earn their black belt and keep earning ranks along the way. Each time they earn a new belt they become successful, training them to continue to set new goals. In life they will start to set goals whether that is graduating high school, going to college, or following their dream career. 


Kids learn how to focus during their Martial Arts training. By having to pay specific attention to what instructors are teaching, their focus is improved. When learning any new material, there are small details that go into learning it correctly. Whether that be leaning a new form, breaking boards, or using weapons, they have to focus to get it right. This skill transfers to school and home resulting in better grades and more discipline when they are told to do something by their parents.

Pushing Themselves:

Martial Artists are trained to constantly become better. Whether that is kicking higher, punching harder, or winning tournaments, they are always striving to improve. Challenging themselves teaches them that if they do, they realize their potential and know that they are capable of great things. By pushing themselves on the mat, they have the discipline to do it in all aspects of life, leading to a successful future.


The hierarchy of taekwondo teaches students to respect their elders as well as their peers. By responding with “yes sir” or “yes ma’am”, they learn to show respect to everyone that they meet. This is brought into life where they show a high level of respect to their teachers, parents, and all people that they meet.


Learning self discipline teaches kids to set goals, focus, push themselves, and have respect. All of these skills add up to a confident Martial Artist, a child that believes in themself no matter the circumstances. Confidence is the key to life. If they believe they can, then they can. They start to have a positive impact on those around them and become the leaders that this world needs.

At Venture, we believe that self-discipline is essential for all kids. Children with this skill develop healthy minds and emotions and grow up to be amazing people. We work on discipline every class and it can be seen in our incredible community of students. To learn more about our program, click here.