Respect Through Martial Arts

In modern society, respect is found few and far between. In a world of instant gratification and riffs between generations and viewpoints, respect seems to be lost among many not only for others but for themselves as well. Venture Martial Arts aims to rectify that problem and teach children and adults respect for everyone they meet. 

“Little Dragons” and “basic karate kids” or beginner students, are taught that respect means treating others the way you want to be treated. Though simple, they learn that using kind words and listening when spoken to is showing their peers and elders respect.

Intermediate students or “karate kids” learn that respect is always having good manners. They learn to say please and thank you consistently, and basic skills like not interrupting someone that is speaking. 

Advanced “karate kids” learn that respect is being a leader through your actions. Advance ranks are empowered to become junior instructors and teach other students to show respect. As black belts, they are models in the school for how students should behave and the attitude they should strive to achieve.

Here is how taekwondo teaches respect: 

Saying “yes sir” or “yes ma’am”

Students are taught from the second they walk through the door to address their peers as well their instructors by sir or ma’am. This builds an air of authority among all participants and teaches students to see each other as equals.

Doing things right away

Students are taught that when they are told to do something, they do it right away. Even something as simple as where to stand on the floor, they respond “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” and run to their spot. This transitions into the home so that when their parents tell them to complete a chore, they do it without question. 

Learning to respect elders and peers

Many people join taekwondo to learn how to defend themselves. But the true lesson is to find non-physical conflict resolution techniques that are taught in Taekwondo. They learn to treat others with respect so that dangerous situations are avoided in the first place. Respect is carried into school, at home, and throughout the rest of their lives. 

Cheering each other on:

Testing and tournaments are an essential part of martial arts. During testing, students show off what they have learned and try to achieve their next belt. At tournaments, students from around the state, country, and around the world compete against each other. During these events, students cheer each other on and show support no matter who is going. The comradery builds an atmosphere of respect that translates across all of these important moments of a martial artist’s journey. 


It’s often said that you can’t learn to respect others until you learn to respect yourself. As students improve their skills and continue to advance in rank, their own self-respect grows each day. They embrace the way that others are treating them and realize that they bring value to the world. They gain strength physically and mentally, get in better shape and become a more well-rounded person. All of this gives them the power to respect themself in the highest way.

Martial arts and respect go hand in hand. Students are not only taught this important life skill in classes, but also by competing in tournaments, belt testing, and accountability at home. Being led by Masters and high-ranking belts builds an atmosphere of discipline. As everyone is treated as equals there is immense respect for each other. The skill of respect is carried into everyday life and is spread among all those who receive it.