3rd Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor
Sola Beckley Instructor of Kids Karate In Denver

Sola Beckley, a dynamic 19-year-old, discovered his passion for martial arts at the age of 10. His journey has taken him across various parts of the country. Introduced to taekwondo by his brother, Sola was immediately drawn to the discipline’s challenges and rewards. What began as a curious exploration quickly evolved into a steadfast commitment fueled by his innate talent and unwavering dedication.

Achieving the esteemed rank of third-degree black belt, Sola’s journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence and his willingness to push beyond his limits. For the past six years, he has not only honed his own skills but also shared his knowledge and passion as an instructor. Inspired by the mentors who guided him, Sola is driven by a desire to empower the next generation of martial artists.

As the third-degree Head Instructor of Flatirons Venture Martial Arts, Sola leads by example, instilling in his students the values of discipline, resilience, and self-confidence. He derives immense satisfaction from witnessing their growth and accomplishments, particularly when mastering intricate techniques like those found in tricking. Through his guidance, Sola fosters a supportive and inclusive community within Venture, where individuals come together as a cohesive unit, striving for collective growth and success.

Encouraged by his peers and mentors, Sola continues to push the boundaries of his own capabilities, constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth. His passion for Martial Arts reflects his innovative spirit, as he explores new avenues of expression within the martial arts realm. With aspirations to one day become a school owner, Sola aims to inspire and mentor future generations of instructors, fostering the same sense of camaraderie and dedication that defines the Venture community.

In his role as Head Instructor at Venture Martial Arts in Flatirons, Sola Beckley epitomizes the values of leadership, mentorship, and continuous improvement. His journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of martial arts, igniting passion, instilling discipline, and fostering lifelong bonds within the vibrant tapestry of the martial arts community.