Venture Martial Arts Founder and Head Instructor
Micah Martin Instructor of Martial Arts In Denver
Venture Martial Arts: Micah Martin’s Journey to a Better Life

Micah Martin’s journey in martial arts began when he moved from California to Conifer, Colorado, at the age of 13. At 14, while working at a local restaurant owned by Michael A., a 2nd Degree Black Belt, Micah’s path in Taekwondo got off to its start. His boss at the time shared a holiday promotion from a nearby Taekwondo School: a gift card for classes that would lay the foundation for his future.

After the initial four-week promotion ended, Micah’s dedication remained steadfast. With resilience, he funded his ongoing training by working various jobs at the restaurant. His commitment paid off, and soon he was not just a practitioner, but a Black Belt in Taekwondo, eager to share his passion with others.

At 15, under the guidance of his instructor, Micah transitioned from student to teacher, seizing the opportunity to contribute to his students’ success. He aims to instill values of Confidence, Discipline, and Respect in the younger generation, teaching them to view challenges as opportunities to strengthen themselves as individuals.

For Micah, Martial Arts competition is more than just a test of skill; it is a transformative experience that elevates his students, shaping them into martial artists of exceptional caliber and disciplined individuals. Over the years Micah’s perspective has deepened, he now realizes that his most significant contribution lies in building strong leaders both in and out of Martial Arts. His vision expanded to focus on cultivating leadership within his students, preparing them to tackle the complex challenges of the world.

Over two decades, Micah’s passion has built the Venture Martial Arts community, working with his team to enrich the lives of those around him. The instructors at Venture Martial Arts are deeply invested in their practice, fostering transformative change in every life they touch.

Venture Martial Arts now has locations across the country. Micah Martin is a fifth-degree Black Belt and a black collar instructor. Venture Martial Arts, under Micah’s leadership, is more than just a martial arts school—it is a flourishing community where leaders are shaped, and lives are transformed.