4th Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor
Isaac Martin Instructor of Martial Arts In Northfield

Issac Martin is 21 years old and was born in California. He grew up in Conifer, Colorado, and started training there at age six. While watching his older brother Micah train he copied the moves he was doing on the edge of the mat. One day Micah brought home a uniform for him and his other siblings and has been training ever since. 

Isaac started teaching at 10 years old because he loved going to tournaments and competing. He wanted other kids to experience the same challenge and achieve incredible results. Through his own training and instruction, he learned the essential life skills and wanted to pass those along to the next generation. He loves to watch his students accomplish goals, seeing them work hard to overcome challenges and push through to success.

Perseverance learned through taekwondo training has been essential to Issac’s story. After being diagnosed with leukemia at a young age he had to keep fighting and never give up when things got challenging- something he teaches his own students. Taekwondo has also given him a path to a career, not only to do what he loves but make a living to support himself and his future family someday.

Issac hopes to continue to improve as a leader and instructor. He wants to see how much he can push himself and his team to become the best versions of themselves. He is working to continue growing the student base at Venture so that they can impact as many lives as possible. He believes that reaching any goal is possible, you just have to work to make it happen.

Issac Martin is a fourth-degree Black Belt, black collar, and is the Chief Instructor at Venture Martial Arts in Central Park. He holds three world champion titles in the National Martial Arts Alliance.