Little Dragons


It’s fun! Our program for children ages 5-6 is built to teach students the “Core Four” life skills while fully involving your child in an activity they will love to attend, class after class. Those skills include focus, confidence, self-control and respect. Our atmosphere is built to keep your child engaged for years while they consistently get a message of building a better life for themselves.


Venture Martial Arts is owned and operated by fellow parents! We want our children to grow up with principles that will help them live their life to the fullest no matter what path they choose. We believe the “Core Four” skills Venture Martial Arts teaches to their Little Dragons is a great foundation for getting children what they need to build a better life for themselves.


Our program will teach your child:

  • How to set and achieve goals at a young age
  • Focus and hard work is the path to success
  • Never to give up
  • Confidence that will last a lifetime
  • Discipline over their mind, body and choices

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We teach your child to have confidence in themselves and their abilities by giving them hundreds of opportunities to set and earn little and big goals. This encourages them that they can do anything they set their mind to. Imagine your child being able to achieve real accomplishments that are challenging but achievable at only four years of age!


Education is extremely important, and we want children to be able to focus on their teachings at school. In each Little Dragons class, the children are taught to pay attention 100% of the time. This gets them into the habit of focusing on a teacher in a classroom setting; a perfect thing to teach them early on in their life!


Venture Martial Arts will teach your child to follow the rules, not only in their Taekwondo class, but at home and at school, too. Our instructors explain the importance of discipline in a way young kids can understand so that they’re eager to challenge themselves. We also give them opportunities to practice it so they learn how to feel, act and respond when the need for discipline arises.


Little ones are constantly doing destructive things on impulse that can hurt themselves and others around them. Children have a hard time controlling themselves or thinking through ideas before acting on them. In the Little Dragons class, we teach your child to be in control of their thoughts and actions and to think before they act.

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