Life Skills Learned in Martial Arts Part 1

Martial Arts training is so much more than kicking and punching. While you do learn that too, it is more about life skills. These skills are taught in every single class, and the repetition and use of them every day teach students to use them in their lives. The nine life skills used in each class are attitude, respect, discipline, goals, integrity, perseverance, focus, confidence, and dedication. For the purpose of this article, we will go over the first four learned in classes. 


The way you act each and every day is your attitude. If you behave like a blackbelt, being humble, strong, and fair. Students practice having a good attitude every day in class, and that carries into their lives. While training, they have an outlet for their emotions and are able to boost their mood through physical activity. They are inspired by their fellow Martial Artists to maintain a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. The Dojang is a sanctuary for them and makes even the worst days better. That attitude is brought into their everyday lives and they maintain a positive outlook on life. 


Each day the students are taught to treat others the way they want to be treated. They always have good manners and are leaders through their actions. By addressing their fellow students and instructors as “yes sir” or “yes ma’am”, they learn to be respectful of their peers and elders from day one. They respond to instructions immediately without question. When they are at home or at school and are told to do something, they do it without hesitation. They don’t talk back, are timely with their chores, and are respected by others.


By following the rules, doing what is right, and taking control of their actions, students use discipline while training. Discipline is like a muscle, it needs to be trained consistently to be maintained and strengthened. By showing up to their designated karate class on a regular basis they use that muscle. They have to learn and use the rules while sparring and competing, and memorizing forms. By using all those skills not only are they disciplined, but they are also more likely to become a champion. At home, they stay true to their commitments and follow the rules set by society, teachers, and parents. 


Everyone has goals, no matter what age or physical fitness level. Students training in Martial Arts set high standards, strive for their goals, and work hard to follow through on their commitments. In taekwondo, they earn new belts throughout their practice. By setting goals to earn a new belt and working towards that goal, they use that skill. In their life, they will set high standards for themselves and new goals consistently. Whether that is winning at a tournament, getting good grades, or getting into college, they work to achieve those goals.
At Venture Martial Arts, these life skills are taught in every single class. They foster a deep understanding and practice of these skills so that they can bring them into their everyday lives. They learn not only to control their bodies but their minds as well. Students that train in taekwondo are more likely to be the leaders of the future and influence a positive outlook on everyone’s lives that they are a part of. By enrolling yourself or your child with Venture, you are choosing the best life for them.