Journey to a Black Belt

The first time you step into your Martial Arts class, you are filled with eager anticipation. You may have an idea what to expect, learning how to kick and punch, getting to spar each other. But when you actually get started, you realize there is so much more. You’re asked on your first day of class if you want to be a Black Belt. Whether it’s a hesitant yes or an exuberant yes, you still say yes.

That is the moment where you dedicate to bettering yourself. Along the way you learn the major life skills taught every day in classes- confidence, attitude, respect, discipline, integrity, focus, perseverance, and goals. Those skills become so ingrained in your mind that you carry them into your everyday life. Over time, you notice that your skills start to improve. Every day you get better and better and your confidence soars. 

It’s a long journey. There are times when your knuckles are raw from punching so many bags. Or you are so tired and sweaty that you are laying on the floor, breathless and ready to stop. But you don’t stop. You’ve been trained to harness perseverance and you never give up. You keep fighting (sometimes literally) to get what you want- to become a Black Belt.

Then it happens. You’ve learned it all. You’ve memorized all the forms, you can kick over your head. You can break through the toughest boards. You have the confidence to defend yourself and your loved ones in any situation. You compete in tournaments and have even won. It’s time- you’re ready to earn your Black Belt.

You test, you show off your skills. You did it. That moment you tie on the belt is unexplainable. There is a profound sense of accomplishment from earning something that took blood, sweat, and tears. The moment you tie on that black belt for the first time, and others look at you with true respect and admiration, you are part of something bigger. You are part of an elite community of people that leads others to change the world through discipline, focus, and perseverance. You never gave up and will never give up on anything you want out of life.

The journey to becoming a Black Belt will change your life in every single way. Taekwondo has the power to transform who you are, to become the best version of yourself. You will gain confidence in your body, control over your mind, and a deep connection to your soul. You’ll break through boards, but also all the barriers holding you back in life. You are a Black Belt.

What are you waiting for? You have the power to take control of your life and achieve something all on your own. Join Venture Martial Arts today and venture to a better life. 

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