Benefits of Martial Arts for Karate Kids

Our karate kids class is for kids ages 7 to 12 years old. Getting a child started in taekwondo at that age has so many benefits! If they started younger, that’s even better, continuing their journey through Martial Arts. At Venture Martial Arts, we love our karate kids. 

Physical skill:

Kids ages 7 to 12 are in the prime development phase of their lives. Habits that they train during this time will carry them through the rest of their lifetime. It’s important to learn physical skills at a young age. They work on flexibility in class, which will keep their bodies strong and agile as they age. They gain strength and endurance, working on becoming more physically fit and improving their stamina. Most importantly, they work on and practice coordination, which helps the mind body connection and keeps them strong, balanced, and coordinated throughout their lives.

Mental Development: 

At the karate kid age, kids are learning the mental habits that they will carry with them forever. In taekwondo, students learn the nine life skills and practice them during every class. They are confidence, perseverance, focus, dedication, integrity, respect, attitude, goals, and discipline. They learn how to use each skill and how that applies to everyday life. Not only do they practice life skills, but they also work to improve their mind each day. Students are challenged to learn new things in each class which builds neural pathways important for cognitive development. By flexing the muscles in their brains in each class, they have an improved memory, better attention span, and an enhanced ability to learn new material. 


Kids may go to school everyday, but in general a lot of children have a hard time making new friends. They may also make the wrong kind of friends. While in taekwondo, students get to work out with and bond with people their own age. They are surrounded by a group of individuals that are training for the same goal and learning the same material. They support and uplift each other in each class, making it a place that they want to go to. For many students, taekwondo becomes a home away from home, where they feel like they can be themselves and are welcome no matter what.

Venture karate kids are often our best students because they are in the prime time of their lives to train Martial Arts! To learn more about our program, click here.