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  We teach four core life skills that improve the quality of life for each and everyone of our students.

Core Skill #1 - We teach your child the Confidence to take on any and all challenges that they will encounter in life.


Core Skill #2 - Are instructors will teach the focus to be able to learn in a classroom by helping students keep their eye’s and ears on their teachers.


Core Skill #3 - Your child will learn to respect you as a parent and teachers by showing that they care for others through their words and actions.


Core Skill #4 - Through our specially designed Program children learn self-discipline, and control over their mind and body.

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Five Key Design Points

 1. Each and every class we offer is specially designed for each age group. This allows us to focus 100% to a very age specific group to ensure your child is engaged 100% of time and not lost.


2. We have the most flexible schedules in the area with classes offered 5 days a week for beginners of every age group.


3. The time frame for each class is specially built around keeping each age group 100% engaged during each and every class.


4. We keep Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced students separated so your child will never be lost in learning their curriculum.


5. Our program is designed to teach very age specific self-defense to protect you and your child from all dangerous situations they may encounter.

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  Three Points that make us the Community's Premier Program


Key Difference #1 - Our Instructors

All of our Instructors are 100% Professionals. We only use certified instructors to teach classes to keep them a high quality and well put together class plan that will give you and your child the best experience possible every class.


Informational Fact: Most Martial Arts Programs use Volunteers that are as young as 10 years old to teach their classes.


Key Difference #2 - Our Facility

Our Facility is fully open every business day while being cleaned, sanitized, and maintained on a daily basis.


Informational Fact: Most Martial Arts Programs are run on hardwood floors or mats that get cleaned once every few months and are only opened during the day part time.


Key Difference #3 - Curriculum and Certification

We are backed by the National Martial Arts Alliance so all of our students and curriculum are Nationally certified. We also have curriculum that is built to keep your child engaged for up to 50 years.


Informational Fact: 90% of Martial Arts Programs make up their curriculum on the spot and are not backed by any organization so it greatly hurts the students experience.


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